Thursday, 12 December 2013

The best funerals are the ones that make you rethink yours

A funeral always makes you sad, sometimes makes you smile and remember your lost one. Time to reminisce and to feel your loss in a public space, where you know you are surrounded by others who also loved the person whose life you are celebrating.


Today I attended a funeral for a beautiful lady who died far too young and seemingly for no good reason - cancer just picked on her, just as her youngest son was graduating and just before Christmas. I don't know why this should make it sadder but when celebrating a birth that affected the world, it just seems like awful timing to lose someone so unnecessarily.

However, amongst the tributes and the sorrow and - yes - the humour, God bless her! - I found myself thinking about my own mortality and how I'd like my funeral to be. How I want to be remembered and what I want my eulogy to contain.

Do you find yourself wondering what people will remember you for? Me, I think it'll be one of the following
  • the ditsy blonde who, despite a university degree, could be remarkably naive and yes a bit stupid!
  • a girl who made you laugh, even at her own expense
  • a chronic sufferer from depression, who whilst she was making people laugh, behind the scenes was crying inside?
  • an argumentative witch, always arguing with her husband and with her kids

I resolved to change these things, as I'd rather people remembered me as
  • a clever and intelligent person - always willing to share her knowledge and to learn from others
  • a strong woman, who always put her family first
  • a Mum who was always so proud of her children and how they turned out
  • a great friend, who always had a shoulder for others to cry on

 If I really want them to remember me the way I want to be remembered, it's time to change.

I will do my best to change in time for my own funeral. You didn't need to as you were perfect the way you were.

To MW - Rest In Peace, and thank you xx


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